Venturepark Labs Presents: Demo Day Cohort 11 

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About Demo Day

Watch our successful graduates in Cohort 11 of the Venturepark Labs accelerator program pitch their business to retailers, investors, and celebrities! Presented by Venturepark Labs, we believe in all of the good things that come from pushing the potential of Canadian CPG entrepreneurs:


  • We #pushlocal – we push job creation and economic benefits for communities. Our partnership with Sobeys helps local entrepreneurs get listed in their stores. 

  • We #pushimpact – our current cohort is 90% women-led. 

  • We #pushgrowth – Our alumni achieved over $150M in collective revenue. They employ hundreds of Canadians and can be found in over 30,000 doors in Canada and worldwide. 

Meet the Businesses
in COHORT 11

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Elate Cosmetics

Founded by Melodie Reynolds in Victoria, British Columbia, Elate Cosmetics creates safe, effective beauty products emphasizing cruelty-free ingredients, ethical marketing, and sustainable practices.

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Barnyard Biscuits

Based in Didsbury, Alberta, Barnyard Biscuits are handmade, all-natural dog and horse biscuits made holistic. Founder Audrey Gilson has made it her mission to create snacks that motivate, enrich, and aid in bonding between shoppers and their pets. 

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Secret Foods

Secret Foods wants to be more than just a secret: they want to share their premium, pure, and plant-based tahini and shake up the sauce category for the better. Founded by Anna Jane in Calgary, Alberta, this tahini sauce is the perfect addition to all of your favourite dishes.

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Thrive Provisions

Founded by Jeff Ball and Lindsay Sali, Thrive Provisions is Alberta's best Wagyu beef snack made with clean ingredients from their Heritage Farm. Their vision is to foster a community that empowers eating at your best to feel your best.

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Based in Burlington, Ontario, Rhaelyn Gillespie and Jessica Sheppard proved themselves to be inspiring entrepreneurs by developing Canada's first oil-based breath mint.  

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Justo’s Craft Dips

Founded by Justin Kopetzki in Victoria, British Columbia, Justo's Craft Dips offers high-quality, great-tasting plant-based dips that leave a positive impact on the community and minimal impact on the environment.

Sacred Foods

Sacred Foods was founded by Anamika Gioia in Vancouver, British Columbia. The company offers popped lotus seed snacks that are handpicked, popped in small batches, and roasted to perfection using natural seasonings and olive oil.

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More Granola

More Granola, based out of Toronto, Ontario, is not your typical granola. Founder Sarah Davies created a brand that produces fresh, chunky granola made with real ingredients.

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Sachili offers a line of mouth-watering condiments formulated with a twist on the expected flavour of chili. Founded by Sachi Kittur in Toronto, Ontario, Sachili elevates any meal with its chili-infused product.

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Aura Nutrition

Founded by Kate Marshall and Chris Ongkiko in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Aura Nutrition is a holistic community-driven brand that provides essential supplements to help everyday women achieve all their wellness goals.