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Looking for a place to scale up your business?

Venturepark Labs’ Food Incubator offers a functional production place for you to scale up your business.

This kitchen facility gives you big ideas and the room to grow — from inspiration to commercialization.

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Food Incubator

This facility offers shared commercial kitchens and private production spaces to meet the needs of early-stage food companies. Members have access to the business incubator program, which provides support for product development, production, business fundamentals, and scaling distribution.

Since 2019, the Food Incubator has supported close to 125 businesses, with an economic output of approximately $15M, and has been an essential resource for lowering barriers to entry in the food ecosystem.

📍 76 Densley Avenue, North York, Ontario (M6M 2R3)

What does the facility offer?

Flexible hourly or monthly rental spaces

Convenient online booking

Specialized food production equipment

On-site storage rentals: cold, frozen and ambient temperatures

Shipping and receiving areas

Public health inspected


What are the benefits?

Programming support to learn the fundamentals needed for growth

Live events led by food industry experts

Online members-only resource library and discussion forum

Mentorship opportunities

Why Join?

Discover a pathway to sustainable prduction growth

Build connections with a community of like-minded and growing food companies

Enjoy a flexible and affordable space to accommodate your production needs

Private Production Space

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Ready to grow into your own space? Our private units give you the room you need.

  • 8 commercial kitchens in a range of sizes

  • Refrigerated units available

  • Access to meeting rooms

  • Food Business Incubator Membership


  • Produce on your schedule with flexible access to your private unit

  • On-site storage for ingredients and finished prducts

  • Separate receiving and shipping areas for your growing distribution needs

  • Join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs

  • Food Business Incubator resources to help you grow

Meet the Members

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Cola's Kitchen Logo
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Yumba Logo
Easy Peasy Pancakes Logo

Membership Requirements

   2M product liability insurance 

        Current Product Commercial Liability Insurance

Valid Food Handler Certification 

   Business Incorporation Recommended 

Meet the Incubator Team

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Supported by

City of Toronto
National Research Council of Canada
Startup Toronto
Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario

Sponsored by

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2540 Kensington Road NW

Calgary, AB T2N 3S3


Food Incubator

76 Densley Ave
North York, ON  M6M 2R3


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