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Growing Your Team - Niagara College

Updated: May 15

Venturepark Labs is pleased to share information on behalf of the recruiting department at Niagara College.

Niagara College has hire a student opportunities from all college departments, including the Food Technology or Business programs. Co-op hires are short term (usually summer) and there are often government funding supports to offset wages.

Another opportunity is to engage with the Food Technology program, as they place student groups with food companies for professor guided short projects. This is free of charge to the food company and could be an opportunity for specific projects like competitive analysis, label work, ingredient sourcing etc.

Feel free to reach out directly to Niagara College or ask your Venturepark Labs contact for an introduction.

Culinary Innovation and Food Technology
Download PDF • 471KB

Tax Credit Information
Download PDF • 925KB

FAQ Recruiting and Hiring a Niagara College Co-op Student
Download PDF • 132KB


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