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Demo Day 2022: Meet the New Up-And-Coming Brands in Cohort 12

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Demo Day will be LIVE February 17th, 2022 at 4pm EST/2pm MST


We are a few short weeks away from our signature Demo Day showcase and we can't wait for you to hear from the entrepreneurs who've pushed the potential of their brands in Cohort 12.

Demo Day is an event that many people benefit from: entrepreneurs in the accelerator program have the chance to celebrate their milestones and successes, industry leaders in the consumer-packaged goods space have the chance to offer mentorship and networking opportunities to the newest up-and-coming brands, and our audience can learn about products that contribute positively to a healthy lifestyle. Shoppers care about the environment and the food that they add to their shopping cart, so it is Venturepark Labs' aim to help bring these products to the forefront of the market and the entrepreneurs behind them.

You can hear more about Cohort 12 LIVE at Demo Day on February 17th, 2021, 4pm EST/2pm MST, alongside special celebrity guests and our expert panelists. With the chance to win prizes and the opportunity to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs in the food and beverage, and health and wellness industry.

Continue on for a sneak-peek of the brands who will be showcasing their products to a roomful of investors and retailers this Demo Day 2022!


AOB Hair (@aobproducts)

Created by celebrity hair stylist, Aaron O’Bryan, AOB Hair delivers high-performance products in convenient, eco-friendly pouches. The collection is Canadian-made, cruelty-free, and focused on reducing its carbon footprint while providing clients with maximum value.


BUZZD Nutrition (@buzzdnutrition)

Toronto-based BUZZD is “superfood creamer made simple.” Made with delicious, wholesome ingredients like coconut milk powder, turmeric, and MCT powder, BUZZD is a positive addition to your daily routine and a step towards your best self.


Firecracker Pepper Sauce (@firecrackerpepper)

These Trinidadian-style hot sauces are small-batch made with fresh, vegan ingredients by a husband-and-wife team in Ontario. The lineup’s range of flavours includes Mango Madness, which won the Canadian Hot Sauce Awards’ “Best All Natural Hot Sauce 2020.”


Louise Prete Foods (@louisepretefoods)

Louise Prete was founded with the goal of creating the best-tasting pasta sauce on the market. Made in Canada with local ingredients that support our farmers and communities, Louise Prete sauces are as healthy as they are heavenly.


MacAllister's Triple Play Cleaner (@macallistersbrands)

This line of cleaning products is safe for humans and strong enough to get the job done. Biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and manufactured entirely in Canada, MacAllister’s makes cleaning easy and stress-free.


Nutricanine (@nutricanine)

NutriCanine creates custom, ready-to-serve meals just for dogs. Each dish is made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients and delivered right to your door—making life better for pets and their owners.


Plantworthy Food (@plantworthyfood)

These easy-to-prepare vegan “cheeze” sauces prove plant-based meals don’t have to be plain. The convenient-yet-healthy comfort food is made from organic, gluten-free ingredients with no added preservatives, fillers, or oils.


Simply Cocktails (@simplycocktails)

Calgary-made in small batches, these delicious cocktail mixes are created with simple ingredients for any occasion. With unique flavours like Raspberry Coconut Jalapeno and Grapefruit Rosemary Honey, Simply Cocktails makes it easy to mix refreshing, low-sugar beverages at home.


Snappy Grains (@snappygrains)

This innovative quick-cooking barley enables consumers to enjoy the ancient grain’s health benefits in just 10 minutes. The first of its kind in Canada, Snappy Grains is a terrific source of protein and fiber and makes for a nutritious starch substitute.


These chef-crafted, Canadian-made pantry shortcuts help home chefs add zing to their cooking. These condiments and seasonings quickly elevate meals from run-of-the-mill to restaurant-quality and make pandemic cooking something to look forward to.


Get on the list and RSVP for Demo Day, taking place live across Venturepark Lab's social channels on February 17th at 4pm EST/2pm MST. For more information, visit



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