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Cohort 13: The Entrepreneurs Who Are Pushing Potential in Food, Health and Wellness

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

All-natural skin-care, delicious dairy-free desserts, premium finishing flavours that you can use to amplify your favourite dish, adaptogens and antigens to improve overall well-being — these are just a few of the categories you can find represented in our latest Cohort!

Every 5 months, we work with a new group of up-and-coming entrepreneurs in our Accelerator program who put in the work to grow and scale their business. The selection process for the program is highly competitive, which means we select the best-of-the-best innovations and founders, who's journey's have inspired us with their passion and commitment to entrepreneurship and building their brands. We are proud to introduce the entrepreneurs of Cohort 13, who will be sharing their stories with industry experts, including Arlene Dickinson, retailers, investors, and more at Demo Day on September 22, 2022.

MIFA (@mifaandco)

Michelle Lui and Fatemah Hamidi, as best friends and mamas, know how challenging it can be to maintain balance. Wanting to become part of the natural beauty conversation as more than just consumers, they left their corporate careers to create their own conscious collection of clean beauty products. The brand is designed to offer a truly natural self-care experience that not only nourishes your skin, but also offers aromatherapeutic benefits.


K Nutri (@knutri)

Ontario founders Aryan Fazeli and Brittany Cimini, emerged in the low carb space with their collagen products that are free of sugar, and formulated with science and research in mind. Having battled cancer six months into launching K Nutri, Aryan was passionate about formulating a product with the consumer in mind, with the highest quality ingredients for optimal health.


JOYÀ (@thejoyalife)

Say hello to the functional blends that help you feel, think, and live your best life.

Ruth Elnekave founded JOYÀ and harnessed the potential of the most powerful ingredients on the planet by crafting delicious functional herbal blends that support optimal health and can be added to your daily routine with ease.


Mike's Salsa (@mikessalsa)

It all started with tomato’s..🍅

Within Mike and Norm's family, traditional recipes were handed down and selected to create some of the best tasting salsas ever. Not only is Saskatchewan-brand Mike’s Salsa delicious, but it complements the healthy lifestyle of its customers. The growth of the company has led to a variety of flavours including Pineapple Salsas, Anise Salsas, Cucumber Relish and Cranberry Coulis.


Von Slick's (@vonslicks)

As recent recipients of the Canadian Grand Prix New Product Awards, Landon Kroeker and Rob Sengotta have created a slick product that's worthy of the hype.

Von Slick's is a premium flavoured butter infused with real food used to enhance any dish you make, packaged in an eco-friendly push tube. Von Slick’s offer six different flavours that are versatile and applicable to dishes for breakfast, dinner, snacking and beyond.


Rebel Bean Coffee Roaster (@rebelbeancoffee)

Rebel Bean Coffee Roaster is women-owned and makes approachable coffee, not just for people concerned about particulate matter in their tap water.

Based in Okotoks, AB, Rebel Bean’s coffee is organically grown, fairly traded, and roasted fresh every week in a 10kg Turkish drum roaster they call “Toby”, offering the perfect kickstart to any rebel's day.


Sweetness (@by_sweetness)

Edmonton company, Sweetness, creates the ultimate cookie colouring kits! These kits are mess-free and a convenient way to play with your food. Invented by a mom and brought to life by kids! Co-founded by Chris and Kristy Goodrow, Sweetness’ Colouring Cookies are the perfect "snacktivity" for on the go.


Mycelyum Inc. (@mycelyum)

Co-founded by Joy Dutcher and Jimmy Zuzinjak, Mycelyum creates superfood charged gummies with the power of functional mushrooms. A mix of five different kinds of mushrooms were chosen for their health benefits, so you can have a more well-rounded diet that includes the nutrition you need to be your best.


Vancouver Island Soap Works (@vancouverislandsoapworks)

Inspired by the Pacific Northwest, Vancouver Island Soap Works creates luxury soaps that are natural and nourishing to your skin.

Founder Debbie Cooper believes that soap should be a luxury and a treat. From the natural oils to the quality ingredients, this soap will leave your skin feeling clean, soft and moisturized.


Pom Pom Treats

Living in the same small town for many years, Andrea and Rheanna managed to live parallel worlds until mutual friends connected them for a blind coffee date which led to a simple question...“Wanna open an ice cream shop?”. At Pom Pom, they offer plant-based ice cream, set apart by its deliciousness, for everyone, regardless of age, gender and dietary preferences.


To RSVP for Demo Day, click here. The event will take place via livestream on September 22, 2022.



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