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Digital Printing

Updated: 5 days ago

For many companies, it makes financial and operational sense to apply a pre-printed label to a blank package. However, for some products a move to pre-printed packaging can look more professional and give a lot of design options.

There are different printing methods to be aware of when researching options. Traditional printing methods such as lithography that use custom made printing plates can be quite expensive for small print runs. Thankfully in recent years digital printing methods have evolved and are popular with small companies due to the lower cost, quicker lead times and the ability for small runs.


  • Printers vary in products and services. Some supply packaging and others only print on packaging sourced by the customer.

  • Printers may offer inhouse design services which can simplify the design process.

  • Ask about minimum print runs, lead times, ease and cost of updates, and the print method (digital vs. lithography).

  • Consider starting with a small run. Label/package updates are common when scaling up production, refining recipes and developing a brand.

Below are a few printers Venturepark Labs companies have worked with.

Check back to see this list grow.

EPac Flexible Packaging:

For more info on printing methods see this post from Lekac Packaging:


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