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Finding Co-Packers

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

For many food, beverage, wellness, and consumer packaged goods (CPG) brand owners, partnering with a co-packer (also called a co-manufacturer) to make their products allows them to increase production capacity and shift their focus to growing other parts of their business.

However, finding a co-packer that meets the requirements for product, quality, cost and logistics can be challenging and requires significant research.

Sachi Kittur, Founder of Sachili and a Venturepark Labs Accelerator Alumni shares her insights:

"Finding a reliable co-packer is essential to successfully (and profitably) scaling your brand. To help the search consider similar production processes in different product categories to broaden co-packer options (for us this meant looking at coffee roasters and granola producers). Reach out to established brands in your category for potential production collaboration opportunities and don't limit your search geographically, even US-based co-packers can be viable options.”

See the free Finding Co-Packers Park Guide for more insights, questions to ask and a list of Canadian based co-packers to help you start the search.



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