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Finding Packaging

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Most food, beverage, wellness, and consumer goods (CPG) brand owners will have multiple versions of their packaging over time. The need for different package sizes, shapes, material composition and design will evolve during the product’s lifecycle.

As companies grow, it is beneficial to source packaging directly from a manufacturer or supplier that can offer consistent inventory and pricing, a wide range of options and provide technical expertise when needed.

It can be complex to find the packaging option that meets every requirement for the product, cost, function, quality and design.

Erin Borgford, Founder and CEO of Easy Peasy shares her insights:

"For Easy Peasy the packaging is critical because our pancake mix is sold in a custom bottle where the consumer simply adds water to the bottle, and once shaken it is ready to pour into the pan to easily cook the perfect pancake. It wasn't easy to find a bottle that could handle both dry mix and liquid batter, once we had proven the market demand existed we were able to work with our pacakging supplier to meet their minimum order quantities and arrive at our current ideal packaging."

See the free Finding Packaging Park Guide for more insights, questions to ask when talking to packaging suppliers and a list of Canadian based suppliers to support your search.



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