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Grant Funding

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Being a food, beverage, wellness, and consumer packaged goods (CPG) brand owner can be challenging in the early stages. Being awarded a non-repayable grant can be a game changer in a company’s ability to innovate and grow.

Grant funding is offered by a broad range of organizations and the applicant requirements and the project types that are supported vary significantly.

It can be complex and time consuming to find grants and to manage the application process, but ultimately they can make a big difference for a company.

Katie Young, CEO of Klondike Kettle Corn and a Venturepark Labs Accelerator Alumni, shares her insights:

Government grants play a crucial role in securing financial support for both emerging and well-established businesses. Accessing grants has enabled me to expand my business efficiently and promptly and given me valuable lessons in how to effectively report on my business's achievements and how to monitor and review the outcomes of my projects."

See the free Grant Funding Park Guide for more insights, application tips and a list of grant funding leads to help you on your journey.



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