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5 Commercial Kitchens in the GTA

Updated: Feb 5

Toronto has emerged as a dynamic hub for Food startups. Unsurprisingly, the city has witnessed a surge in commercial kitchens. 


But which is the best for you? We've highlighted five commercial spaces in Toronto for food startups who are looking for the perfect food manufacturer!

  1. Kitchen 24

Located just a few minutes away from York Mills Station, this commercial kitchen space is available for rent to food startups. Kitchen 24 offers services that include: function equipment for members, production tables, and event spaces for members to utilize.

We refer clients to Kitchen 24 if they are in an early stage and require a licensed commercial kitchen for production needs, alongside an event space to showcase their products during a demo or launch event.

Address: 100 Marmora Street #200, North York, ON M9M 2X5

2. Manning Canning

Located on the East Side of Toronto, Manning Canning provides comprehensive services to facilitate the needs of food startups. This kitchen offers hourly kitchen rentals, storage rooms, equipment access, and consulting services to support food entrepreneurs in growing and scaling their production operations.

We refer clients to Manning Canning to clients who have launched their businesses, specialize in beverage and condiment products, and are seeking a facility to transition their production from a home kitchen to a licensed commercial kitchen, as well as looking for expert consulting services to support their business growth.

Address: 105 Vanderhoof Ave #8, East York, ON, M4G 2H7

3. FoodShare Toronto

Located in Midtown Toronto, FoodShare offers a range of professional services, including consultation programs, access to medium-scale equipment, and hourly kitchen rentals for its esteemed members.

We refer clients to FoodShare if they are in a very early stage in the food business, seeking a dedicated facility for their production operations, and a licensed commercial kitchen. This facility is a perfect fit for entrepreneurs who are looking for intensive assistance and consultation services for their production operations.

Address: 120 Industry St, York, ON M6M 4L8

4. Ontario Agri-Food Venture Centre Northumberland 

Located in Northumberland, Ontario, the Ontario Agri-Food Venture Centre Northumberland offers commercial kitchens, production assistance, and various food restriction operations (dairy, non-dairy, plant-based, gluten-free, etc), along with comprehensive food storage facilities (fridge, freezer, loading dock, packaging, and dry storage), and HOP processing.

We recommend clients to produce at OAFVC if they are in the mid-stage of their business journey and are seeking production assistance support. This facility is perfect for those who produce in large quantities, have products with specific restrictions (such as plant-based or dairy-free), require high-tech equipment, and own beverage and condiment products.

Address: 216 Purdy Road, Colborne, ON, K0K 1S0

5. Venturepark Labs' Food Incubator

Located in North York, Ontario (just a 25-minute drive from Downtown Toronto), our kitchen facility caters to a wide range of production needs and operations.

We offer all the production facilities and operations necessary for early-stage entrepreneurs and those looking to scale up their production operations.

We provide hourly kitchen spaces, storage options, access to coolers and freezers, convenient pickup and delivery services, as well as access to resources and experts at no additional cost to support them as they transition and expand into retail services.

"Venturepark has been an invaluable partner in our Chili Crisp business growth journey. From initial business planning in the Concept to Market sprint to transitioning from a home kitchen to their commercial space, they've been consistently available and eager to help. The ongoing support as we scale further makes us feel fortunate to have found Venturepark. Highly recommended for any new or growing food business - they're the best!! -

Steve Thomas, CEO and Founder of Super Magic Taste Chili Crisp

We are an excellent fit for entrepreneurs in the early stages of their business journey, whether they have recently launched or are seeking to scale up their operations while also requiring expert consultation. Our facility offers private units for enhanced production access, tailored to meet your business needs.

Moreover, we provide valuable resources specifically curated for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) entrepreneurs, along with a range of programs designed to support CPG entrepreneurs' growth. Furthermore, we provide connections to our esteemed sponsors, partners, and industry experts within the CPG community, ensuring a comprehensive and professional environment for your business endeavors.

Address 76 Densley, North York, ON, M6M 2R3

Let's build something great together!

 There are several kitchen spaces in Toronto with different levels of support. While you consider your options, remember to check out our FREE resources for food entrepreneurs!



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