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Packaging Design: The Value of Mock-Ups

While the artwork creation process is digital, this is not how a customer will ever see the product! It is helpful to review a physical mock up of the label or printed package before finalizing design and die-lines. A printer can often supply a printed packaging prototype for review. If this is not an option brand owners can build and review to scale mock ups of the box, bag, pouch or labelled bottle/jar.


  • Mock up multiple samples and arrange them similar to the retail store shelf.

  • Review artwork design and the size and shape of the physical label or package.

  • Review from the consumer perspective at the store, at different distances and angles. The typical consumer will look for just a few seconds while walking past.

  • Make sure important brand and product information is visible when there are shelves above and below that could block visibility.

  • When a product is to be merchandised in a display unit, check that important information will not be hidden. This may require a design with no text at the edges of the package.

  • Include caps, lids safety seals when applicable.

  • For packaging that has visible product, fill mock-ups with product to get a full view.

  • Understand the typical retail shelf dimensions for the category. Package should fit efficiently on the shelf and not be a challenge for the retailer.

  • For some categories multiple "front panels" are needed in the design to accommodate different retailer placements (eye level, vs. in a open case).

  • Consider simple uncluttered design with a consistent background pattern to help keep a product looking well organized on the shelf even when not aligned well.

And of course, ask for feedback from your network, including Venturepark Labs!

Written By: Venturepark Labs Team


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