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Retailer 101

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

The path forward for food, wellness and consumer packaged goods (CPG) brand owners who are ready to scale up their marketplace distribution and reach their consumers is to list their products at retail stores.

However, listing products with traditional brick and mortar and online retailers requires planning and can be complicated for new companies to navigate.

Chris Goodrow, President of Sweetness and a Venturepark Labs Accelerator Alumni shares his experience:

"Working with retailers can be a challenge and there is no straight forward roadmap on which to navigate. Whether you work directly with retailers, or partner with brokers or distributors, each retailer has their own process, expectations, and measures of success. I believe the more open and genuine you can be while working with a retail partner, the more fruitful the relationship.

See the free Retailer 101 Park Guide for more insights on how to connect with retailers and tell your brand and product story.



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