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Say goodbye to snowy days because Spring is finally here!

This means we’re ready to refresh our house staples from laundry essentials to renewing our skincare game to welcome sunnier and warmer days.

See below for more fun and high-quality product picks of all CPG products from our alumni and member!

Say no more to a heavy single-use plastic jug because this Eco-friendly laundry detergent sheet by Kind Laundry is a great essential for your laundry staples! Made with zero-waste packaging and safer ingredients, this detergent is more eco-friendly and fragrance-free than most conventional detergents out there! Better deal? It also has a 30-day satisfaction guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with the product.

Looking for a healthier snack to start the season? Go to Stush Patty’s website and try their delicious classic lentil patty, made with a perfect blend of organic lentils, veggies, and spices, and don’t forget to pair it with a refreshing drink

Yes, we’re getting too excited about warmer days and we all want something more refreshing. Have you ever tried a fruity cream with condensed milk? PalettAmerica got your back! They offer fruity flavor ice creams of strawberry or passionfruit filled with condensed milk for you to enjoy with your friends or family on the weekend!

Spring is here, but that doesn’t mean you’re lacking your skincare game. Keep your skin hydrated and ready to face the Spring breeze by getting one of our accelerator alumni, Graydon’s Dry Skin Bundle! You’ll get their signature Aloe Milk Cleanser, Face Food Mineral Mist, Moon Boost Serum, and Berry Rich Face + Eye Cream. Check them out and get a great deal!

Going for a hike and having an easy-tasty-nutritious meal is very hard. But our Concept to Market alumni, Flat Out Feasts got you covered! They offer many delicious selections of keto-friendly ​​meals exclusively for hiking or camping adventures. You only need to add hot water, you can have a classic "mac 'n' cheese" low-carb alternative, made with cauliflower, bacon bits, shredded chicken, a creamy cheese sauce, and many more flavors while enjoying a beautiful view from on top of the mountain.



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