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Is Your Product Ready for the USA?

Updated: 5 days ago

For many Canadian brand owners the US marketplace is an excellent next step to increase distribution.

However, US food regulations are different from Canada. US food is regulated federally by the FDA: and the USDA:

A food product sold in the US will need a different label than the Canadian sold version.

The differences include:

  • language requirements

  • net weight formats

  • ingredient list format, how different ingredients are listed

  • nutrition panel content, size, format

  • vitamin addition requirements

  • health and nutrition claims

  • some products have regulated standards of identities that differ between countries

  • country of origin requirements

  • company address requirements

  • location of required information

  • and more

For brand owners expanding distribution to the US, it is wise to engage with regulatory expertise to review the product, ingredients, create a label and select product claims compliant with US regulations.

It is good to work with a company with an established track record of expertise in the complexity of US regulations.

An example of a well regarded company with this expertise is NSF Canada located in Guelph, Ontario:

Written By: Marlis Bens Venturepark Labs Program Manager


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