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Sell Sheet Tips

Updated: Mar 11

A sell sheet is a document that is presented to potential retailer buyers to quickly and clearly share important product information.

There are many ways to format a sell sheet. This is influenced by number of items and the info that is most important to communicate for that brand and product.

Here are some guiding principles to keep in mind:

  • Keep it concise, usually 1 page is best, easy to follow formatting is important.

  • Design to showcase the brand. Include logo, brand colours and be sure the message aligns with the brand personality. Use design software or work with an experienced designer.

  • Consider including founder and/or brand background story.

  • Include images of packaged product, and possibly the actual product if helpful.

  • Highlight special product features such as local ingredients, quality, convenience, certifications, nutrition benefits, etc.

  • Food products should include nutrition and ingredients if space (depends on number of products). If not possible to include in the sell sheet have a separate document ready.

  • Include contact information, wesbite, social platforms

  • Include UPC, net weight, units per case, unit dimensions, case dimensions

  • Some brand owners keep price in a separate price sheet to allow for when wholesale price will vary depending on retailer and shipping considerations etc.

  • As an added tip: seek feedback from within your network, and do an online search for sell sheet examples for inspiration.

For more insights on creating a sell sheet, this link from Alberta Agriculture has some good insights here:

By Venturepark Labs Team


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