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Finding a Label Desginer

Every packaged product needs a label to communicate product benefits, brand message and meet regulatory requirements.

Many early stage brands start with a label they have designed themselves using tools like As a brand envolves it can be helpful to work with an experienced graphic designer to help a product stand out and appeal to the target customer. There are many options ranging from freelancers to sophisticated branding and artwork design firms.

To help you, here are a few ideas:

  • Check with the printed label/package supplier to see if they have a designer on staff. This ensures the designer understands the dimensions and dielines of the label and simplifies the process of getting artwork files to the printer (label/package supplier).

  • Ask if the designer is experienced with labels for packaged goods, there is a difference between packaged goods design and design for online or other marketing materials. For example:

    • design for a crowded retail store shelf or display unit

    • have strong visual differentiation between flavours

    • design to hide any irregularity in label application or printing

  • Confirm if they know labelling regulations. It is best to design with regulatory requirements in mind from the start. Bilingual, type size, fonts, nutrition, ingredients list requirements can have a significant impact on label design approach.

  • Be ready to desicribe your brand and the brand message you want to convey. Have your Product Value Proposition ready to share, for more info see this Resource Library post: here. Compile some inspirational examples to help you convey what you are looking for.

  • Check with other food founders (especially founders with products that don't compete with yours) for suggestions or references.

Most brands will go through a number of versions of their design as the brand and customer base evolves. So, remember it does not have to be perfect first try!

Written by; Venturepark Labs Team


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