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Building the future that we are passionate about means the present must be disrupted. In other words, the future of our choice is NOT a de-facto continuum of the present.

Whether it is a successful company that we want to build, a career that we want to thrive on, or a wonderful family that we want to raise – this means three things:

- Be comfortable with the short-term discomfort as you pursue excellence.

- Know that long term value creation always comes with a trade-off for short term gains.

- Put people and value system FIRST before every choice you make.

My story continues to be inspired by these wise words I was once told. There could not have been a better platform than Venturepark where I could see alignment of my biggest WHY when I transitioned and embraced this wonderful country, culture and the thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem.

As part of leading corporate strategy, operations, and finance functions, my curiosity for the larger question of how great brands are made took me to unconventionally diverse areas during my 14+ years at one of the leading distribution and retail companies in the Middle East. Some of the brands I worked with closely and learnt a lot from include Modelez, Kraft-Heinz, Hershey’s, Nestle, Ferrero, CO-RO, Reckitt Benckiser, Colgate Palmolive, Clorox, and Henkel.

My journey with Venturepark began mid-2019 and continues to help me live with a purpose-led passion as we come together to help you and your businesses thrive and redefine the future of Canadian entrepreneurship.

Thank you for choosing to be part of Venturepark community. We are so proud of you and all that you do!

Let’s PUSH POTENTIAL. Together.

Kalyan Chinnamanthur - Program Manager

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